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Ålander Spiced Rum





Ålander OH-lan-der is made in small batches from domestically sourced Demerara and Turbinado sugar. We use whole bean spices commonly found in Scandinavian baking and infuse them by hand. No artificial color or flavors are added.

86 proof

TASTING NOTES | Showing a nose of allspice, nutmeg, clove and ginger snap cookies, Ålander is both complex and exceptionally focused, like angels dancing on the somewhat crowded head of a pin. It has background aromas of mocha, cardamom and butterscotch, that give way to root beer, vanilla and a touch of peppermint. All combined by a smooth texture with clean, crisply defined flavors, Ålander Rum finishes with sweet notes of caramel and banana bread.

Top 100 Spirits of 2017 – Wine Enthusiast


1.5 oz Ålander Nordic Spiced Rum
juice of quarter lime wedge
3 drops habañero or Jamaican jerk bitters

3 oz ginger beer

Combine all ingredients in tall glass with ice. Stir.

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