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The Seed Vault Series is Far North’s collection of estate grown rye varietals, evolving from the distillery’s three-year rye study.

This provenance-driven, single estate rye whiskey is grown, harvested, and distilled entirely in Northern Minnesota by fourth generation farmer and head distiller Michael Swanson.

All varieties were milled, fermented and distilled using precisely the same methods, and all whiskies were aged in 15-gallon new, charred oak barrels from The Barrel Mill in Avon, MN.

Roknar 100% Seed Vault is aged just under two years.


Limited availability, 375ML BOTTLES, in the following locations:



Lanterna Selections Exclusive: Cossani


MINNEAPOLIS-SAINT PAUL – VERY limited quantities

France 44 exclusive: Foresetti

Thomas Liquors exclusive: Triticale

Bono, Musketeer, Progas:  Call store to ensure availability: 99 Bottles (Moorhead), Ace Spirits (Hopkins), Andy’s Rochester (call for location), Cashwise Coborns (call for location), Central Ave Liquors (Mpls), Cork Dork (Mpls), Detroit Lakes Liquor, Elevated Wine & Spirits (Mpls), First City Liquor (Bemidji), Falls Liquor (Thief River Falls), Fergus Falls Liquor, Haskell’s (call for location), Lakeview Liquor (Bemidji), The Little Wine Shoppe (St Paul), Lunds & Byerly’s (Golden Valley), Mount Royal (Duluth), North Loop Wine & Spirits (Mpls), Ombibulous (Mpls), Red Barn Liquor (Hallock), Richfield Liquors, Saint Anthony Liquor, Solo Vino (St Paul), South Lyndale Liquor (Mpls), SuperOne (call for location), Surdyk’s (Mpls), Stinson Wine & Spirits (Mpls), Top Ten (Chanhassen and St Louis Park), Two Harbors Liquor, West Side Liquors (St Paul), Zipp’s Liquors (Mpls), 


NEW YORK – VERY limited quantities

Varietals available: Bono, Musketeer, Progas


Brooklyn: Brooklyn Wine Exchange, Duke’s Liquor Box, De Wine Spot, Bedford Wine and Spirits, Bed Vyne Wine, Franklin Wines and Spirits, Pier Wines.



  • Bono – This hybrid variety of rye was developed by KWS SAAT SE & Co, a European independent seed company and released in 2016. Whiskey offers anise on the nose, with notes of apricot and butterscotch. Balanced palate of vanilla and caramel with a smooth, long finish.
  • Cossani – A German hybrid seed variety that yielded big in the field. The whiskey offers a rich toffee and dark caramel flavor profile, with a fat, lingering finish. 
  • Foresetti – A german hybrid that was also a big yielder in the field. 
  • Musketeer – Agriculture Canada released this open-pollinated variety in 1981. Delicate grassy and vegetal notes of chamomile and celery root. Mild and earthy palate with a clean, light finish.
  • Progas – KWS SAAT SE & Co, a European independent seed company and released in 2016. Hybrid seed that was technically developed as a forage variety. Slight minerality on the nose. Buttery and spicy on the palate, with caramel and cherry notes. Long finish. 
  • Triticale – A wheat-rye hybrid whose flavor is reflective of wheat whiskies.  


    • Aroostook – This seed variety was released in 1981 by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. The whiskey offers warm pecan and toffee on the nose with a light, clean finish.
    • Brasetto – This European variety of rye was developed by KWS (Klein Wanzlebener Saatzucht) and released in 2013. The whiskey nicely balances spice with caramel and offers a lingering finish with hints of cinnamon.
    • Dylan – Seed variety developed by North Dakota State University and released in 2016. Whiskey offers notes of molasses on the nose with a lingering finish of brown sugar and clove.
    • Hazlet – Canadian seed variety released in 1986. Far North’s signature rye varietal, used in all of our whiskies. Vanilla, caramel, and toffee on the nose with hints of warm spice. A smooth, lingering finish of spice, brown sugar and caramel.
    • Oklon – 1993 release from Oklohoma State University. Heather and floral nose with a slight peaty minerality. Warm spice finish.
    • Prima – Canadian seed variety released in 1984. Whiskey offers a complex toffee nose with hints of floral. Light caramel and cinnamon spice finish.
    • Spooner – The University of Wisconsin released this variety in 1992. The whiskey has an intense butterscotch, leather and almond nose with hints of apricot and a long, smooth buttercream finish.
    • Wheeler – Seed variety released in 1972 from Michigan State University. Produces a whiskey with a slightly grassy nose and a long pepper and clove finish.

About Far North’s Rye Study: Far North Spirits received from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in February 2015 a crop research grant to complete a first-of-its-kind multi-year study to evaluate varieties of winter rye grown in Minnesota for agronomic performance in the field and flavor/sensory performance in the distilling industry.

Through field trials conducted on Swanson Farm and sensory analyses conducted with industry participants in blind tastings throughout the U.S., this project will result in a research report that will be valuable to Minnesota farmers, distillers, seed dealers, brewers and maltsters.