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Drinking is an agricultural act.

The northernmost distillery in the contiguous United States, Far North Spirits is making a name for itself in the farming, distillation and aging of single varietal whiskey.

The great wines of the world are inextricably tied to the variety of the grapes from which they are made. However, for whiskeys, which are fermented and distilled from grains, that varietal information and the tie to the agriculture behind it is often severed. Why? Does the variety of rye influence flavor in whiskey?

Our Rye Study examines and answers these questions.

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The Red River Valley Swanson farm has been continuously farmed by Swansons since 1917. It is a thousand acres of jet-black, abundantly rich soil that produces exceptional single varietal rye and heirloom corn. Built in 2013, the distillery sits on what was once a wheat field.

Located just 25 miles from the Canadian border, we are one of only a handful of estate distilleries nationwide to also grow our own grains and we are the only distillery to be certified by the Pollinator Partnership as a Bee Friendly Farm.

All grains except malt barley are grown by the distiller within a mile of our distillery, and stored in bins on site. This eliminates the need for both the shipping and bagging of grain. After distillation, spent grains are picked up by an area cattle farmer for feed or spread on nearby fields. Because most of the starch has been consumed during fermentation, the high protein levels of spent grains make them an excellent fertilizer. In addition, cellulose is left behind after fermentation and distillation, this adds organic matter back to the soil, improving its health.

Our cocktail room is open every Saturday from 5-9pm.

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