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Roknar Maryland-style rye whiskey is available in limited quantities in Maryland, Minnesota and Washington D.C.

It will not be released again until 2021.

Proofed upon bottling. 

Every bottled is numbered by hand.

Made from 65% Hazlet rye, 25% heirloom corn, and 10% malt barley, Roknar Maryland-style is aged two years in Minnesota-made barrels. 

The recipe for Roknar Maryland-style is based upon George Washington’s original mash bill from his distillery at Mount Vernon. Maryland-style rye was known as the “American Gentleman’s Whiskey” for its softer, sweeter flavor profile from the additional corn.

TASTING NOTES | Leads with notes of roasted corn, leather and oak. Sweeter on the mid-palate while offering a healthy bite on the finish.


2 oz Roknar Maryland-style Rye Whiskey
4 oz Sanpelligrino Limonata

Build over ice in Collins glass.

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