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Every aspect of this unique whiskey hails from the farms and forests of northern Minnesota.

Each batch is proofed upon bottling. 

Every bottled is numbered by hand.

Aged for 18 months in 15-gallon charred oak barrels.

This provenance-driven, single estate rye whiskey is made entirely in Northern Minnesota. Distilled from our own estate grown Hazlet winter rye, with 5% of the rye custom malted nearby in Fisher, MN at Vertical Malt. Barrels are made in Park Rapids, MN by Black Swan Cooperage. Look for the northern latitudes on the green label.

TASTING NOTES | A nose of brown sugar, orange peel and a hint of freshly sawn oak transitions to a palette of dried currants, almonds and vanilla. The finish lingers with baking spices.

30 ROK

1.5 oz Roknar 100% rye
1 oz fresh sour mix: simple syrup + equal parts fresh lemon/lime juice
Shake with ice and strain over ice in Collins glass.

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