Ålander Spiced Rum

 Ålander Spiced Rum is produced by Far North Spirits. The sugar cane is sourced from a small cooperative of family farms in Louisiana. Vanilla bean, cloves, cinnamon and a hint of espresso lends a surprising depth of flavor, perfect for a weekend at the cabin no matter what time of year.



“Entry is an expansive richly woven network of flavors that intersect at all the right points… gloriously luscious yet composed.”

★★★★ Highly Recommended

F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal

Demerara Whole Spiced Rum

Ålander \OH-lan-der\ is made in small batches from domestically sourced Demerara and Turbinado sugar. We purchase our spices whole (avoiding extracts or flavor-house oils) and infuse them by hand.
86 proof
Tasting Notes | Showing a nose of allspice, nutmeg, clove and gingersnap cookies, Ålander is at once complex and exceptionally focused, like angels dancing on the somewhat crowded head of a pin. Background aromas of mocha, cardamom, and butterscotch give way to rootbeer, vanilla, and a touch of peppermint. Combining a smooth texture with clean, crisply defined flavors, Ålander finishes with sweet notes of caramel and banana bread.

The name Ålander is a nod to the Åland islands, an archipelago of 6,500 islands between Sweden and Finland in the northern Baltic. Summers are warm enough to enjoy the beach and winters offer “long-distance ice skating.” Sounds like Minnesota’s own Lake of the Woods, a place where the Swanson family has enjoyed summers at the cabin on Oak Island for 30 years. (We love it there so much we put a map of Oak Island on the bottle.)

oak island.jpg

They make rum in Åland – one of the only places in the world that uses sugar beets instead of sugar cane. We make rum in the heart of sugar beet country, the Red River Valley, but we follow the regulations of our government, not Finland’s, and use sugar cane. No worries, we have extended family who farm sugar cane in Louisiana and are part of the Lula Westfield sugar cooperative, which is where we source our sugar.

Ålander & Cider

2 oz Ålander Rum
3 oz spiced apple cider (we like Trader Joe's)
Lime wedge garnish

Combine all ingredients in tall glass with ice. Stir. Try this warmed with a cinnamon stick garnish for a cozy winter drink.

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