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Syvä Vodka | Far North Spirits



Syvä \SEA-va\ owes its distinctive character to non-GMO AC Hazlet Winter Rye, which is planted, grown and harvested by the distiller on his family farm. Every step of production — milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling – is done by hand.



TASTING NOTES | Crisp, polished, and satiny smooth on the palate, Syvä offers aromas of lavender, malt, vanilla, and a hint of orange peel. Amid humdrum vodkas of conventional style, Syvä affirms its outspoken character and its plainspoken pedigree. The finish is amply rich and generously sweet.


★★★★★ Highest Recommendation
+ One of the Two Best Vodkas of 2015 – F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal

Finnish for “deep”, the name Syvä points to the depth of detail in the artisanal methods and ingredients used in crafting this Nordic-inspired, small-batch vodka. Old world methods of production — pot-distilled estate rye grains that have been open-top fermented — produce a spirit with character to spare in the style of eastern European vodkas.

A simple, slightly chilled (55 degrees is best) glass of Syva garnished with a lemon peel is the perfect complement to a Scandinavian smørrebrod of smoked fish, shrimp or caviar.


1.5 oz Syvä Vodka, slightly chilled (We don’t recommend keeping Syvä in the freezer; 20 minutes in the refrigerator just before serving is best.)
2 oz Royal Ossetra Caviar

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