Coming Feb 2015: Syvä Vodka & Gustaf Navy Strength Gin

We are excited to bring you two new Minnesota craft distilled spirits in early 2015. Both are entirely field-to-glass, meaning the distiller also farmed the grains used to make them. Every step of production - milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling - is done by hand in our distillery. 



45% ALC/VOL (90 proof) 750 ML

Finnish for “deep”, the name SYVÄ (SEA-va) points to the depth of artisanal methods and ingredients used in crafting this Nordic-inspired, small batch vodka. A true field-to-glass spirit, SYVÄ gets its distinctive character from AC Hazlet winter rye grown and harvested by the distiller himself.

Perfectly paired with briny caviar, smoked salmon or fresh oysters, SYVÄ is a velvety smooth and richly layered vodka that awakens your entire palate.



57% ALC/VOL (114 proof) 750 ML

Named for the steely-eyed gentleman who started the family farm in 1917, GUSTAF is craft distilled from winter rye grown by the distiller himself. A bold, juniper backbone is balanced by bright citrus, clean herbal and vegetal notes, with a lingering, peppery expression of earth and sea.

“… like a high-speed pursuit through a fjord, passing waterfalls crashing into the sea, billowing with pine and birch forest scented mist, blended with sea-spray blasting up from the bow.”