Distillation & Flow


In a few weeks, we will finally begin the distilling part of this adventure. In our own building. With our own stills. Using grain from fields outside the distillery door. 

A year ago – the business plan complete, financing on the horizon, winter rye newly planted, and only the beginning of a name even....To call these past few months heavy lifting would be an understatement. Strange thing is, that "flow" thing – the way things come together when you're doing what you love, and, some might say, when you're doing what you were meant to be doing – that "flow" carries much of the weight for you.

During his years out west, Michael came to love white-water kayaking on Colorado rivers. The lesson you learn is that the river is much stronger than you, and if you fight the river, you're going to have a long day. Yet, the river holds no malice. So if you learn to harmonize with it, that's when you truly enjoy the ride.


Now, the trick is to apply that philosophy to finishing the electrical, plumbing, steam-boiler installation, still assembly, mash and fermentation tanks set up, formula and label approvals from the Feds, inspections from the Feds and State, bottle and carton production, distribution and sales, promotion...and, yes, of course, recipe perfecting....well, you get the picture. But hey, part of this ride includes taking a break to savor something you created with your own two hands.

We can hardly wait.