Hello, Gorgeous

Solveig Gin is finally here.

Craft distilled from field-to-glass for the locavore gin lover, Solveig is the first release of Minnesota craft distillery Far North Spirits. 

Perhaps no other spirit allows for as much creativity, as much play and imagination, as gin.  

We started with rye grown on the farm. Then, we took our time distilling the spirit with each botanical individually to capture its sweet spot. We experimented with those distilled essences to find just the right balance of juniper and thyme, coriander and lavender, grapefruit, angelica, orris root and gentian. The resulting spirit is bright and fresh, with the depth of early summer rain. Yes, this is delightful, harmonious, music in a glass.

Bottled at 87 proof, each embossed label carefully applied by hand, we happily present to you, dear drinker, the work of our hearts.

Solveig \SOUL*vai\ is available at the finest spirit shops in Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as the far north itself, Hallock. Very soon it will makes its way to other Minnesota and North Dakota destinations. In the meantime, ask the Twin Cities' best bartenders to delight you with a Solveig cocktail at places like Marvel Bar, Porter & Frye, The Strip Club, Parlour and Solera. Or pour yourself a classic, simple drink at home: the Solveig gin & tonic. We suggest the best tonic you can find, and in place of a lime wedge, try grapefruit.

Happy, happy holidays and SKOL!