Minnesota's First Field-to-Glass Gin

November 9, 2013


Hallock, Minn – Far North Spirits began production today on Minnesota's first field-to-glass gin made from rye grown on the family farm where the distillery is built. The first bottles of Solveig Gin are expected to be on the shelves statewide in Minnesota and North Dakota in time for Christmas.

Solveig (pronounced SOUL-vai, long O and no G) is a true field-to-glass gin, meaning the distillers also planted and harvested the grain used to make the spirit. Solveig began as AC Hazlet Winter Rye in September 2012 on section 4 of the family farm. The rye grew to be about four feet in height and was harvested on September 17, 2013. The grain was cleaned locally before being milled onsite at the distillery. 

Solveig is a New American Style Gin leading with thyme and grapefruit peel, with lighter juniper notes. In addition to being field-to-glass, Solveig is made by individual botanical distillation. Recognizing that each botanical has its own unique flavor profile, we distill it separately, allowing us to capture its purest essence. Those botanical essences are then blended together to make the final spirit. Although most gin is not produced this way, Far North is committed to this more labor intense process as it results in a truly superior gin with greater depth and character.

About Far North Spirits: Our mission is to produce premium small batch, craft-distilled spirits with an uncompromising field-to-glass ethic.